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Our Services Include:


SPorts Performance

Our athletic development training program helps athletes progress in their sport through strength training, skill refinement, and energy systems development. This unique program also focuses on injury prevention exercises to help the athlete’s longevity in their sport.

Personal Training

Our personal training program is tailored to each person. If your goal is weight loss, getting stronger, or simply to be healthier, we can help you. We focus on full body workouts that include resistance training, cardio, and flexibility to build muscle and burn fat.  

Online Training

Tired of going to the gym on your own and not knowing what to do? Want to look and feel your best but don't know what you should be eating?  Let us create a personalized nutrition or training plan for you.  We do the planning, all you have to do is follow along.

Meet our Coaches




Matt is a CT certified PE & Health teacher as well as an

EXOS certified Performance Enhancement Specialist.


Growing up the son of a successful high school and collegiate coach, Matt loved all sports.  He especially loved watching the hard work and dedication that it took to truly be successful.  During his childhood, he played every sport he could until he went on to focus on playing football at the collegiate level.  It was at this time that his coaching career also began.  During his time off he would work with local AAU baseball as well as high school basketball and football teams.

He graduated from Central Connecticut State University with his bachelors degree in Physical Education and soon after completed his Master's in Physical Education and Human Performance.  Matt has been working as a PE teacher locally for the past 10 years.  He has also continued his work with student athletes from middle school all the way up through D1, preparing for upcoming seasons, showcases, or recovering from injuries.


Outside of working in sports performance, Matt has also coached at a local fitness studio in West Hartford, and in his time there, pioneered the role of Director of Programming. 

Axios was created with the goal of helping clients of all ages and fitness levels continuously improve to reach their highest potential and to assist athletes in taking their game to the next level.




"My mechanics, footwork, and agility have improved so much over the course of just 2 summers working with Axios.  I've also seen big gains in both my strength and speed as well.  Although we work very hard during our sessions, they make sure to make it fun through the use of competitions and games. Working with Axios has been well worth it and has helped me be ready for the upcoming season!"


"With Axios' training regimen, my speed and explosiveness has increased more than with any other trainer I have worked with.  They have pushed me and I am a better football player because of it."


"I worked out with Matt 2-3 times a week and saw amazing results. It wasn't just about losing weight for me, it was about feeling better in my skin.  I found that I had an increase in my energy level and I was able to sustain the workouts easier as time went on.  I can't wait to start working with him again this fall!"


"I have never been one to enjoy exercise or dieting. Matt worked with me to set and obtain healthy fitness goals and since I began training with Matt, I’ve gained confidence and knowledge of proper form & technique, I've also received helpful information regarding diet and nutrition.  It is so obvious that he cares very much about his clients, he is not only encouraging but considerate, flexible and patient, I feel like my attitude towards exercise has improved so much, it helps that he celebrated my victories (no matter how small). He's so invested in all of his clients and really does care about fostering a healthy lifestyle and our overall well being."


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