The Art of Warming Up

One of the best ways to increase strength, prevent injuries, and increase overall athletic performance is to complete a thoughtful warm up prior to your workouts.

Coach Matt Lunge T-Rotation

The warm up is often one of the most overlooked portions of a workout and some skip it completely. While skipping or cutting short your warm up could save you a few minutes, you will probably find that, as a result, your workout isn’t as productive as it could be and the time saved may be wasted when you end up losing days or even weeks to an otherwise avoidable injury.

A warm up should not just consist of hopping on the treadmill for 5 minutes and then performing a few stretches that you learned way back when. This actually does very little to prepare your body to lift, run, or perform to your highest capacity. Instead, your warm up should serve a few main functions such as: Increase core body temperature, activate the Central Nervous System, activate muscles, increase mobility of joints, and provide movement practice.

Most people have poor glute activation, poor thoracic spine mobility, and a weak core (even the most experienced athletes). Performing the right combination of drills, exercises, and dynamic stretching will get your heart rate up, improve posture, set your joints in the correct position, and get your body ready for the movements in your workout.

This is why at Axios we pride ourselves on delivering a specialized effective warm up for each individual workout. We take the time to make sure we target your weaknesses so that when the hard work starts you feel strong and confident in your movements. If you want to upgrade your workouts, it begins with having a thoughtful warm up.

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