Do I really need a rest day?

Step count, active minutes, calories burned… These are all important pieces of data that help us live healthier, more active lives. So often we hear about the important health benefits of exercise and the negative side effects of inactivity, but it’s not as common to hear about why we also need to allow our bodies some time to rest. Yes, it’s important to incorporate small bouts of movement throughout every day, but intense workouts definitely shouldn’t be a daily occurrence. When you perform excessive amounts of exercise without proper rest and recovery you may experience some harmful side effects including injuries, decreased performance, fatigue, altered hormonal states, poor sleeping p

The Whole 30 and What We Learned

A little over a month ago my mother told me that she was going to be trying the Whole 30 Challenge after the New Year. Her goal was to create better habits when it came to food as well as working on controlling her blood sugar levels as she is diabetic, Wanting to support her and also see what it was all about Coach Leah, my brother, and myself all decided to go along for the ride. So let's start off by explaining a little bit about what the Whole 30 is...... - A 30 day nutritional reset in which your goal is to break bad habits and create positive new habits regarding food. - Eat real foods that are not processed - Stay away from sugars, alcohols, dairy, and artificial preservatives - No c

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