October 31, 2018

First off, happy Halloween to all!  Enjoy the candy, wine, or whatever you will partake in this evening/weekend! Remember it is important to let loose a little (in moderation) in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As a trainer I pride myself on the fact that I'm continuously checking out and try different gyms in my area and see what types of fitness classes that they offer.  Fro...

June 24, 2018

In the beginning of May, I saw an online challenge to add 50 kettlebell swings to your daily routine.  KB swings are one of my favorite movements, so I said "Why not" and jumped on the bandwagon (I also added 50 air squats per day as well for good measure).

Going into this challenge,  I knew the benefits of including swings and squats into your

programming, bu...

April 8, 2018

In our last blog we talked about different diet types and which way of eating may work best for you.  Today we will discuss many of the common misconceptions regarding nutrition and shed a little light on how true they are. 

Carbs are the enemy!!!

I'm going to tell you a secret..... All plant based foods are mostly carbohydrates.  

If you're saying that all carbs are evil, th...

March 28, 2018

Paleo, Atkins, Macro Counting, Vegan, Keto, Whole 30, Zone, Bulletproof, Weight Watchers, etc, etc, etc.

With so many "diets" out there how do we know what to choose? 

First let's start with what a diet is. 

The definition of DIET is "the kind of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eat.  While many of us choose a diet too lose weight, we should also be thinking about f...

February 22, 2018

Step count, active minutes, calories burned… These are all important pieces of data that help us live healthier, more active lives.   So often we hear about the important health benefits of exercise and the negative side effects of inactivity, but it’s not as common to hear about why we also need to allow our bodies some time to rest. Yes, it’s important to incorporate small bouts o...

February 6, 2018

A little over a month ago my mother told me that she was going to be trying the Whole 30 Challenge after the New Year.  Her goal was to create better habits when it came to food as well as working on controlling her blood sugar levels as she is diabetic, Wanting to support her and also see what it was all about Coach Leah, my brother, and myself all decided to go along for the ride....

December 31, 2017

January 1st,  "New Year New You".... "This is the year I will/wont"..... (fill in the blank).  Sound familiar? 

Each year approximately 50% of the population make New Years resolutions.  Some of the most popular include:

- Losing weight

- Going to the gym

- Quitting smoking

- Improving money management

- Finding love

- Getting a new job

Researchers have looked at success...

December 6, 2017

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD affects many Americans causing them depressive symptoms during a specific time of the year, most commonly winter.  While we are still not 100% certain how it works, however it's clear that SAD thrives in cooler darker places.  In the United States, SAD prevalence ranges from 1% of the population in Florida to over 9% in many northern states.....

November 5, 2017

The hip hinge is one of the most common human movements, in fact the average person hinges around 3500 times per day.  The majority of this happens outside of the gym, while performing daily activities such as tying your shoes or picking up your child.  Unfortunately most of us don't pay much attention to the positions that our bodies are in during these movements and that's when in...

October 9, 2017

Injuries..... most times they are preventable but if you're a weekend warrior like myself sometimes freak stuff just happens.  Being a former collegiate football player I try to extend my career as long as I can, and currently this means playing in a local coed flag football league (it's way more intense than it sounds).  Last week during a game I caught a ball and was tripped up an...

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November 5, 2017

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